I'm human and I'm fallable. I do my work - and I do it alone. And to my experience God fills in the role of a Parent, but not the role that society is to take. So, before you invest too much time and effort into guessing otherwise (about my "imperfection") - you might rather spend that time and energy into learning of Gods will about me. Consider: Is Christendom United? "Just Sayin'".
Consider the Rolling Stone - as of Daniel - as 'United Mankind' - thats ... my idea! No gloom and doom! Except you're asking for it! We are after all 'free'!


A proposal
to the American People
... ish The Easy Peasy (from Flat Earth to Round up)
(Because) ... ["Toxic Masculinity" and the Decline of Culture (pseudo feat. Jim Sterling)]

But seriously, ...
Note: I'm a 'Christian Satanist' - which is a Concept born of 'Unification (with the All-embracing (or All-surrounding, All-SURMISING) Spirit - a.k.a. God)' - which is a 'Post Baptism' (therefore Christian) thing. I want to mention this up-front for else some content on this page might be somewhat strange to you.

I'm sure some of the more Paranoid Christians amongst you will have problems with this, but I'm sure that these already start much sooner. Like, that I'm a Mormon, or ... "because Matrix". Thus I also want to emphasize that I describe my 'Ideology' as 'Neo Gnostic' ("New Gnosticism") - which is to emphasize a more Scientific, Conscious and Pragmatic realization of the Divine that transcends the "Classical Liturgy of Scriptures" in interest of a more thorough and less riddled understanding of God. (Check everything and keep what is Good (1 Thess 5:21))
Ergo your "Scripture Quoting" will have little effect on Neo Gnostics - that because you'll have to explain what you're quoting!
We further value Gods direct revelation to each individual as independently valid - ergo your "Bible this and Bible that" falls flat where we have our Wisdom through a 'living and breathing relationship and intimacy with the Most High'.

If you lack Wisdom, pray for it! (James 1:5)


Christopher Nikolaus Sonnberger presents:

T h e H o m e o f N e o G n o s t i c i s m
Truth for Free!
since ~2010~ ish

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Welcome ye!
Welcome to Daeryabaar.com. This site exists for me to share what I have to share. I'm a christian believer - (though I rather call myself a 'Neo Gnostic' (which is Christian) - and I hope that you can benefit from my insights! If this all seems a bit too much, yea - I feel ya! A lot of this stuff is just rambling/side-notes - and if stuff isn't really well 'formatted in' as on the left its "possibly" not all that important. "Relax!" and Take it Easy!
MAIN FEATURE: : Bread and Butter

"This you shall know: In the latter days hardships will emerge. The people will be selfish, greedy, ..., more dedicated towards enjoyment than God. The appearance of Faith they will keep, but the power of Faith they will denie. These people you shall avoid!" - 2 Timothy 3:1-5 {As Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so these oppose the Truth; Their thinking is rotten, their Faith will not work out. Yet they shall have little success, for their lack of understanding shall become obvious to all, as it happened to those.} 8+9

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On the outskirts of Reality (Welcome to ShiTiPa Town)
Hi, my Name is Chris. Im a german, transsexual (and (currently) "retired" prostitute/escort) born 1983, grown up as Seventh Day Adventist, Baptized Mormon, half Philippino "ENFP-A" (with an IQ of around 117~116). I do this as my contribution to 'the Christian Mission' - while at this point there is no Institution or Church (I'm only one) this Mission responds to other than my knowledge of God. This is all independent work, I sacrifice my own liftime for it, am unemployed and thanks to the german social grid I can survive. For any legal questions contact me at Na-Asim@web.de (if you're lucky I'll see it) or Tweet me @Mansalanas (same). I'm on facebook under my real name, btw..
Mail to: Christopher Nikolaus Sonnberger, Sachsenstr. 20, 70435 Stuttgart, Germany

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    : Rambling/Guessing about the Antichristians (Antichristian Theory) (2 Thess 2:4)
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    Mature Content

    As for the 'main thing' why I would generally exclude my writings as 'mature content' we're speaking of clarity (individual prepositions) I've created a hub [here]. You can however find the 'necessary chunks' up there in the introductions.
    [Previously: I think I spent most of the time "talking to a wall" - I wonder though how it turns out. Mostly these things aren't important and basically ... I guess its good for those that have time and want to read more.]
    For official reasons
    Well, whatever, however ... here is something of a 'general' statement - for a factual rundown of the most important things - as a common standard, if you were asking me.

    What I believe ("What we believe" (draft))

    We/I are Christian Pantheists. We/I believe that God is in everything, as everything that is - is through God. We/I believe that no matter how high you rise in the hierarchies of Existence - that which is on top of it all is Absolute - and everything that is, has come from this Absolute One above all. Whatever there is where you can place something next to - is within something greater - and that wherein Everything is - is God, the All-Surrounding Spirit. We/I believe that this All-Surrounding Entity is an intelligent being, a species higher than us and any one that there is but this One itself. We/I believe that this Entities intelligence surpasses ours, as the Understanding of Eternity and Infinity surpasses our ability to comprehend. We/I can fathom its existence - yet beyond that we/I're limitted to a comprehension of that which is Finite; And therefore has come amongst us as one of us - and we/I believe that our Knowledge of this One is Key to Understanding why we/I Exist in this Universe, and why this Universe is as it is. We/I believe that Jesus Christ is the body of this One invisible God above and within everything - Colossians 1:15; And that this One invisible God is the beginning; "And in the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was God" and that "the Word became Flesh". We/I believe that Christ has died as a Symbol for the generations to come; Ushering a new age of brotherhood, compassion and benevolence; For us to grow organically - so we/I would all one day undo the Confusion of Babel through our own inherant power - as independent beings - as free beings and not as Slaves.

    We/I believe that the Priesthood Authority to Baptise has been lost during the early ages of Christendom as an Evil that had been in this world persecuted them and seized Control upon the remainders, manifesting as the Roman Catholic Church (Matthew 23:9, 2 Thess 2:4, Daniel 7, Revelation 13 (though the second beast is just its scapegoat and ultimately we/I as the simple consequences of the Truth will show), 1 Nephi 13:26 (LDS)). We/I believe that Joseph Smith Jr. was confused about which Religion was the true one and that God answered his calling and bestowed the Priesthood upon him and Oliver Cowdery, thus ending the days of Apostasy. We/I don't believe that the Mormon Church is right in all the things - and believe that Joseph Smith Jr. let us know of that through what is called 'the Strange Act' (Doctrine and Covenants 95:4 & 101:95).
    We/I believe that Jesus has instructed his Disciples to do many things, one of which is the creation of the Nag Hammadi Codices, which are part of a greater Volume of things wherein the most important of all the things that Christ had given to us was embedded to come out in its clarity once the time has come (1 Nephi 14:20-26 (LDS)) - and that now is the time. And we/I do not believe that the Father and the Son are two separate Beings (1 Nephi 11:21 (LDS) as compared to the 1830 Palmyra version).

    We/I believe in the Doctrine as recorded in 3 Nephi 11 (21-41) (LDS) - and therefore exhort you to dedicate yourself in prayer to ask of God the truth of these things (Moroni 10:4) - as we/I do not believe that Baptism is the end of our Journey; But that it is a new beginning - and that God has assisted Christopher Nikolaus Sonnberger/me to unearth the mystery hidden in the sealed Volumes that we/I know as 'Unification' with the All-Surrounding spirit.

    We/I believe in the Human variety that comes through freedom - and that God the Father in the wealth of His wisdom is aiding us, through the blessings of attaching to the divine unity, to find our own individual way into greater peace of Heaven in independence from man-made Laws. We/I do not condemn the usage of drugs, as matter of fact the author of this text is a smoker, not so much (but frequently) a drinker and first and foremost a pothead. We/I cherish both, the sacredcy of monogamy and the pleasures of polyamory. We/I condemn the ideal of perfect ideological unity as we/I believe that it drives us into conflicts that tear us apart. We/I even believe that there is a Hell in Paradise for the more perverted ones of our kind to live in correspondence to their needs of harmony. We/I do believe that we/I do not need to make those destinctions to co-exist, but that the human depth requires such for a person to exist in peace with Eternity. (As first emergences from Unification showed)

    We/I understand that God acts from within; And that the only one who can truely speak to you of Gods will is that very God. We/I understand that in order to enter Unification with the All-Surrounding spirit one must be Baptized and secondly welcomed by that One most High. We/I set forth that only through entering Unification one is able to establish him-, her- or itself as a trustworthy individual worthy of our unconditional appreciation. We/I see it as our duty to uphold these ideals - as to declare it a fundamental pillar of our belief that Unification isn't reserved to an Elite - emphasizing that Unification is intended for anyone and that we hope that nobody will be left outside!

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