A new Day --- and things ... are about to change I think.

General Notice

Official Documents that are 'for the many' should be produced by the/a community. Although a single individual is capable of a certain grade of perfection that is within the margins of acceptable, does the single always have to compensate for its own mangle which the group overcomes by its combined strengths.
The aim of emphasizing this is to imply the vision of a future that relates to the presence of this Version of the site like a butterfly to the caterpillar.

Contemporary Snipes

Uhm - here I'll link to some articles that are more like "Sneak Previews" as they happen to be part of a greater arc of things that I am currently writing on. I am for some time already - but I also kindof have lost perception of what I had on mind initially; And that is the current 'thing', also in regards to the general note above; Why (or another why) I need help!
The biggest personal issue I have with it is that ... I for instance remember rather well 'why' I began to begin with; There was some pressure, some 'need', something I should explain for some (imaginary?) readers to be satisfied with me; Which is though actually nothing I'm friendly towards! The thing is: I "thought" I just did something that should "do" - but instead of "doing it" the (imaginary?) readers demanded something else before doing so. Then, at some point, I wasn't ready to put it all up and then the pressure was somehow gone and it all felt irrelevant and so I guess I vastly forgot about it. I'm also sure that if brought to the point those (imaginary?) readers have no legitimacy on demanding whatever they do; At least like demanding me to upload whatever I don't want to upload! If they want it - well - why don't they come for me?
Anyhow - my problem is that I have a hard time finding a proper end, straightening out some ... things ... and so what you actually get from me here isn't what you might want but just things I somehow ... work for me.

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Updated: Nov. 22 - 2015 (See below)

I think I'm comming to some sense. The reason is that I - or would be - that I had to change my mind concerning my future. This change of mind was the consequence of a change of perspective; And this change of perspective showed me a way where thinking about demands me to be a bit more passive until things played out the way they should.

There are things I didn't see or didn't want to see or coulndn't consciouslly embrace that bent my mind around a corner that was too soon for me to take a look around ... -ish. Similarly should all things relating to 'Enlightenment' be understood a bit different. So the term Enlightenment is like a 1 Dimensional perspective of a 2 Dimensional thing. The thing in the beginning is the Unification with the All-Surrounding Spirit. That alone is Enlightening enough to call it that way, but, to just say "Unification" would be less weird I think. Furthermore is all about it not really supposed to be public stuff. It ... I don't think anyone will get Invited into it (that is one out of two conditions for it) - unless in special cases - for as long as the whole thing is a network of loose ends.
Until this message here changes - there is no 'church' to say: 'Body of Unification with the All-Surrounding Spirit' - nor any official ... thing ... as in: "Wherever there are two or more assembled in my Name I will be among them" [New Testament Something Chapter:Verse idk]. That means even I have to way, life sucks and all that shitty stuff mixed with ups and downs - and yea ... watching Married with Children makes me feel better because sometimes it makes me see that life can in deed be worse!

Yea, thats something that has to change. My life isn't that bad! Basically I'm possibly the luckiest person on the planet! I believe there are rules - cosmic rules - angel driven ones - all however don't apply to me I fear. I'm ... stuck in some other Elevator. Or how can I say? ... Its like ... money keeps on flying my way. Although I'm supposed to be broke - I'm not! Beyond me its a little like Nas said I would believe: Some of us have Angels, ..., some of us have Demons. Those with Angels help me out, whether they want to or not; And those with Demons they shit against my Joyride, whether they want to or not.

The big news so far would be a new Design Element to the whole Zion thing. I'll be looking forward to get the Gazette dusted off ... however ... the thing is called Ekklesia. That means spanish/greek/such folks might have to get used to another word for Church. The Ekklesia is supposed to be above the Central Church. The Central Church is basically ... hmm ... its a central Organ to communicate Church-esque needs (like a City Hall -> As the new City Hall) while multiple Churches attach to it. On top of it all there would be "Universal Standards" as the "True Church" as we/you would/might call it these days. The Ekklesia is there to keep an official record of Testimony driven things. So, I might try to proof to you that I'm the reborn Saint John (err... John the Beloved, Son of Zebedee, one of the Sons of Thunder), talking chibberish with "logic" here, blessing there and artwork in my backpack; But if I wanted to I'd all of a sudden be Peter or James ... and if I couldn't be confused ... ah what the fuck ... so ... if the circle of the 12 High Priests of the Ekklesia or so would get a 12/12 Testimony on me being John, they can seal it - it would go into the official records and everyone could re-acquire the Testimony individually. On the other end if someone has a Testimony that seems relevant it could spread without the Ekklesia, but carrying it towards the Ekklesia is like getting it recognized Officially. ... I still haven't been entirely open about all things Zion yet ... there's still some stuff I got floating around somewhere ... but those things really don't matter right now anyway.

Politically I want to keep my mouth shut since I don't wanna appear as though I'd have any part of it. I don't really know whats new about bad news anyway! Thinking 1 year back ... and 1 year prior. There's always a chance to call me ignorant. Its none of my business though!
By the way: I got a PS4 now. I bought a Destiny bundle and I'm still waiting for my Internet ... so ... that sucks! Its still more than a week away! I do feel bad for those that can't have one - thats however no reason to not have one! It'd be a "sin" we might say to be privileged but to not use it! I wouldn't help anyone by not having one and eventually I'd even make things worse! Being unhappy is really really bad! People can be happy without one. Matter of fact there are people in shittier situations than mine that are happier than me! I mean, the moments I was homeless/living in shelters weren't that bad! Of course things eventually got to change and messing with the shitty system(s) we're all stuck up in one way or another is where the nasty stuff actually begins. I was happy to have a bed in a warm room although I had to share it with an alcoholic and some guy who massaged himself with vinegar essence before sleeping, but it was fine! I was happy! But now I got my own room and I got all I need to get back to work or to look for work and what not - for quite some time - but I don't see it/this going anywhere. Its like a tree I take cover beneath and its rotting away. It depresses me that when I try to do some work I only see it running into dead ends ... or to sometimes spend all my time writing stuffs (I for this instance ommit to make public) and other times am bored to death for having nothing to do.
The only progress I seem to be capable of making is part of this "new way" that I previously didn't see. Its on par with what I always wrote about once I grew upset about needing some safety if I should make anything usefull - and that isn't just about my Game/Operating-System, but also the rest of the ... stuff. I was just looking the wrong direction. I have a good excuse though! It just wasn't the time! But a real excuse has to yet somehow come with an apology - and though I've always (kindof) been aware of the trouble I'm causing, I just didn't see how I could have helped it. However unrightfully blamed I might be - it doesn't help the fact that I'm feeling sorry; And thats the point of my apology. So ... I apologize!

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November the 22nd 2015 AD - How broke I am