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At the brink of a New Age

"I have a Dream!" - English though is not my native tongue; Therefore I mean to apologize aforehead in case my "slang" gets a little weird! Also I may have to warn you that at times I use a lot of words ... while some might enjoy an "elonguated experience", others won't. But if these are the kinds of problems that we face ... it could be worse!

The requirements

Facing the Future - that means: Whatever it shall be, it depends on us! But if you believe that I am - and this is true as much as that if there is anything on this site that suggests otherwise you may call me fake, if you didn't just misunderstand - calling you out to "arm" yourself, calling out for action; You're wrong!

But ... you might ask - well - and I would respond:

It depends on us - but so does the air in a room depend on what we eat!

We may perceive us at the brink of a new age - but - looking at the general prognosis, that age ain't really going to be all that fine! Within the next decades, so as example, we are going to run into a phosphorus Crisis. People like me, folks at the bottom of the food*caugh*money*caugh*-chain, are going to loose while on top they'd be more like "I don't know what you are talking about!". So, just chillin back and relaxing, waiting for it to come ... ain't that a plan of great design?!

Maybe they are right - maybe there is nothing to loose because we've lost already!

So - if that new age is going to be any good ... who knows what'll need to be done? We may yell, we may scream - but what do we expect is going to happen when we do? Hoping for our own personal Schindler? (Schindlers List)

What good is a plan? The only plan I'd deem worthy of considering is to "Storm the Castles" and hope that it'll end well! We can disguise the simplicity of this idea by talking a lot, so ... welcome to my world!

There is no Plan! Well ... depends on the definition! Rather than a plan - it's a Prophecy; And therefore - we don't need to be overburdaining ourselves with concerns! The idea is that we do our very own best, that we pretend that there are no problems in the world to not be distracted from the things that are truely in our powers to change! This site is about that! It is about what we can do to ourselves, it is about what we have from God to plot a course for ourselves; And I'm sure - being on that course is all we need!