Demo Enlightenment

A preliminary Science Report regarding the things about Demo-Enlightenment
What my Problem is and where I need help - thats a matter of issues between doing better alone and the better good of a working society. And as difficult as it may be to describe what a 'working society' appropriately needs to be understood for - as difficult is it to convey what 'the Gospel' actually is! Or as easy, respectively, what my point is!

One for Everybody! or: [Let's say I'm nobody]. However -or- Anyway (I "say" that a lot) ... but the point is ... The Gospel is ... - what its all about! Time ... is what it'll need though! Call it me being an Asshole - but I only try to be fair - as in: on the right side of things! One thing I'm sure about is that God is with me - and how that is - the consequences, the offset, the meta-game, etc. - that is a matter, to me, of being on the right side of things!

Appearances can be deceiving!

Though I may try to do some Woe-ing unto Hollywood - the point at the end remains that actually the bad Guys don't matter. They do what they do - thus we shall do what we have to do - and that is ... in all decency ... Closing the Loop.

But nontheless - a Hitlist - to be cleaning out my closet!